8 ways to make your waiting room “the place to be”Your waiting room gives patients their first impression of your office—but is it a good one?
Online dental marketing 2.0
Online dental marketing 2.0How to build on what you already know to create a more dynamic online strategy.
5 steps to building your practice brand
5 steps to building your practice brandAs a dentist you regularly interface with your patients and your community, making you a public figure and the target of online and offline discussion. How patients discuss you, in a good or bad light, can be strongly influenced by you and your team. In essence, much of their opinion of you is shaped by how you present yourself and your practice — and whether they agree that you live up to those expectations.
Goodwill hunting: Branding and tax implicationsWhen it comes to transition or retirement, dentists have several options. They can sell their practices, find associates or simply throw their hands up and reduce office hours and production until they end up closing shop.
If you had $10,000 to spend, what should you spend it on in your dental practice? Part 2 of 2What would your practice do with $10,000? We asked dental consultants and dealer representatives for their top recommendations.