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Information provided by KOMET USA.
How to simplify interproximal reduction
How to simplify interproximal reduction
How Komet USA’s DISCtance™ IPR System offers a new and improved option for interproximal reduction procedures.
How to perform rapid tooth reduction with diamond instruments
How to perform rapid tooth reduction with diamond instruments
A technique showcasing the Deep Purple™ diamond instruments from Komet USA LLC. and how they can simplify process the of tooth reduction.
How to maximize efficiency by using Komet® stainless-steel bur blocks during instrument reprocessing

Designed for simplified storage, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of dental burs, diamonds and endodontic and sonic tips, Komet® stainless-steel bur blocks feature silicone plugs that hold the instruments securely in place, preventing them from falling out even in the event of sudden movement. 

Making life easier in the dental practice: Komet USA's bur conversion card

Looking for a way to make things easier in your dental practice? Komet USA is offering a new conversion service that the company says will do just that.

Komet USA’s new conversion service offers an easy, fast method for converting existing burs, diamonds, and polishers to Komet® instruments. The program uses a specially designed conversion card (see below), which provides an efficient, user-friendly technique for doctors and lab technicians to identify and order the Komet equivalent of an existing instrument.

How to get zirconia crowns right with the LD0707 kit from Komet [VIDEO]

According to Frank J. Milnar, DDS, AAACD, for the best results when working with zirconia, users should rely on instruments optimized for the high-strength material.

How To: Prepare atypical crowns with KOMET USA's extended-length diamonds

Today's HOT How To features a technique demonstrating the use of KOMET USA's S6856XL.FG.021 extended-length diamonds to help ease crown preparations when gingival recession is present. Case presentations are performed by Christine M. Yonker, DDS, and Sergio Rubinstein, DDS, from Oral Rehabilitation Center in Skokie, Ill.

Achieve simple, precise IPR

Dental crowding is just one of countless conditions for which a patient seeks orthodontic care. Solutions for creating more space in these cases range from extractions or comprehensive treatments like arch development using fixed or removable orthopedic appliances, to more conservative options like interproximal reduction (IPR).