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Compiled by Greta Lieske
Dr. Aaron Molen: What low dose scanning with the i-CAT FLX means for orthodontics [VIDEO]

Dr. Aaron Molen of Molen Orthodontics says the i-CAT FLX is changing what 3D imaging means for case planning in orthodontics.

Steps on how to choose and implement Electronic Health Record Software

Mike Uretz of and Dental Software Editor for Dental Products Report has been involved with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and practice management for about 14 years. In this time, he’s seen the medical industry embrace EHRs. Now, they are entering the dental world.

Webinar: Learn how to effectively handle digital files from the dentist

There are a large variety of in-office scanning systems out in the market and there seems to be little commonality in how digital files are handled by the dental practice. Core3daCADemy aims to help alleviate this confusion.

How to run your daily dental business meeting [VIDEO]

How should you be running your daily business meeting with the team? Sometimes, dental practice leaders are at a loss for what’s important and what should be addressed in the daily business meeting.

How thinking of tomorrow can help grow your dental practice today [VIDEO]

Penny Reed of Penny Reed and Associates says you should always focus on your patients that are directly in front of you today. But also thinking of how you’re going to bring them back tomorrow can help you better your practice and grow your patient base.  

How to make the most of your open time [VIDEO]

Hopefully your daily work schedule is full and running smoothly. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case at the day-to-day dental practice.

Are you sending the right marketing messages?

Marketing is more than just advertising –it’s communication with your patients. And Penny Reed of Penny Reed and Associates says she sees one big mistake dental practices making all the time.

Tips to maximize each patient visit and see higher returns [VIDEO]

Penny Reed of Penny Reed and Associates on how to become an opportunity seeker to bring back more patients, and see a higher return on each day.

How to discuss dental benefit summaries with your patients [VIDEO]

Patients expect you to know how much their insurance will cover for certain procedures, which isn’t always the case. Here’s how to have a successful conversation with patients about benefits.

This is the best kept secret about your dental software [VIDEO]

Penny Reed of Penny Reed and Associates tells you what may be holding back the power of your dental management software.