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Garrett Ludwig
The top things to consider when planning a new dental office

I can’t help but speculate that the aversion to performing a feasibility study is as much emotional as it is financial. Clearly, there is a cost factor that may dissuade the fiscally faint of heart—despite its proven worth.

Top things to consider before a dental office remodel

Would you ask a patient to invest in veneers before treating their dental pain? Not likely! Nor would you have your car painted if it needed a transmission, brakes, tires and a front-end alignment. So, why would you consider refreshing your office (fit and finish) without first addressing the challenges that have evolved since the days that the carpet was new, the paint was fresh and the wall coverings were in style? 

The economics of ergonomics

In part three of Dental Product Report's three-part series on ergonomics, Garrett Ludwig, president of Diversified Design Technologies, explains how ergonomics can increase a practice's efficiency and productivity—all while saving money.

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