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Dr. Robert A. Lowe
How to perform rapid tooth reduction with diamond instruments
How to perform rapid tooth reduction with diamond instruments
A technique showcasing the Deep Purpleā„¢ diamond instruments from Komet USA LLC. and how they can simplify process the of tooth reduction.
How to create esthetic, durable long-term provisionals with DenMat's Snap-On Smile [VIDEO]

There are many situations in fixed prosthetics where long-term provisional restorations are a necessary part of the treatment plan.

Conventional provisional materials cannot always be used for this purpose. In this article, some clinical situations will be discussed where a new process called “Snap-On Smile” can be used successfully as a long-term provisional restoration that can successfully transition patients to their definitive restorations comfortably and predictably.

A new category of composite resin

There is no material in the history of dentistry that has undergone as much evolution as composite resin. The face of restorative dentistry changed forever when successful bonding to dentin was achieved. Since then, the goal of clinical and material science has been to find simple, predictable approaches to the composite restorative process.

Go with the flow


"Fractured ceramic crowns are an everyday problem in dental practice. It is not always feasible or cost effective to replace the ceramic restoration for the patient if a repair can be made using composite resin. In this article, a new self adhering flowable composite, Vertise Flow, will be used to demonstrate a simplified approach to porcelain repair that does not require the use of Hydrofluoric acid or silane priming."
Dr. Robert A. Lowe, team lead