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Anna Sacks
I Made That: Stratasys' VeroDentPlus 3D printing material

When Avi Cohen, director of Global Dental at Stratasys, Ltd.,  and his team started working on the initial concept for VeroDentPlus, they knew they had a huge innovation on their hands.

How to excite patients and boost business with a simple whitening system

It's what every dentist hopes for: a practice full of excited patients who are fully engaged in their own care.  DPR recently spoke with Dr. L. Don Wilson of Signature Smile in Huntsville, Ala. to learn how KöR Whitening by Evolve Dental Technologies keeps his patients coming back for more.  

Behind the optimal functionality and efficiency of StraumannĀ® CARESĀ® 8.0

In March 2013, Straumann® launched Straumann® CARES® System 8.0 into the market.  Many features have been created and enhanced on the software since version 7.0 to make the system more efficient and user friendly.

A peek behind the scenes at how DenMat's SOL Laser was developed

Earlier this year DenMat launched its SOL diode laser on the cover of Dental Products Report. Following the release, Product Manager Andrew Aradi shared some background about the product's development.

Product Review: How DenMat's new SOL laser can benefit your practice

Why one clinician loves DenMat's new SOL laser, and why you might want to incorporate it into your practice as well.

Product Review: How CAMBRA by CariFree can improve caries risk assessment in your practice

A clinician’s view of Caries Management By Risk Assessment, or CAMBRA, by CariFree and how it's benefited his patients and his practice.

Review: How PerioProtect Method and Perio Trays are changing the way this clinician practices dentistry [VIDEO]

One clinician’s view on this customizable method to fit the needs of individual patients who are working to battle biofilm.

Product Review: How the Bien-Air Optima MX2 INT can improve the patient experience in your practice

The Bien-Air Optima MX2 INT is an invaluable instrument that Dr. Howard Glazer uses on a daily basis for nearly every patient he treats. Here's why he thinks you should, too.

Product Review: How the A-dec 500 Chair System with the EA-52 LED electric motor handpiece can make your practice more efficient

One clinician’s view of the A-dec 500 Chair System with the EA-52 LED electric motor handpiece.

A look behind the scenes of SDI's Riva Bond LC

Lyn Chau, SDI’s Scientific Affairs Manager, tells us about the development process behind Riva Bond LC and what this adhesive can do for your practice.