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Double Take: "AIR-FLOW Handy 3.0 more efficiently removes biofilm…”
Double Take: "AIR-FLOW Handy 3.0 more efficiently removes biofilm…”One hygienist’s take on the benefits of Hu-Friedy’s AIR-FLOW Handy 3.0 Premium, a handheld air polishing device.
How Air-Flow technology simplifies biofilm management
How Air-Flow technology simplifies biofilm managementA hygienist shares how Air-Flow® technology made her a believer in the benefits of air polishers.
Dr. Sheri Doniger: ‘My patients love the Bosworth ProphyBrite™ Air Polisher’ [VIDEO]

Kevin Henry, group editorial director for Advanstar Dental Media, asks Dr. Sheri Doniger of Lincolnwood, Ill., why she is a fan of the Bosworth ProphyBrite™ Air Polisher and what impact the air polisher has had on her, her patients, and her practice.

Free E-Booklet: How to know if you should be using an air polisher

Dental air polishing technology has come a long way. Is it time to make a change? Find out with this free e-booklet.

Hu-Friedy and EMS partner to deliver high-quality hand instruments and Piezo power scaling and air polishing products

Hu-Friedy and Switzerland-based Electro Medical Systems (EMS) have announced a strategic alliance in an effort to deliver the most clinically-advanced prophylaxis protocol to the U.S. and Canadian dental markets with Hu-Friedy’s high-quality hand instruments and EMS offerings in Piezo power scaling and air polishing.

4 reasons to incorporate Johnson-Promident's Deldent JetPolisher 2000 into your practice

Looking for a new polishing unit? Here are 4 reasons to consider Johnson-Promident's Deldent JetPolisher 2000.

How to remove teeth stains with an air polisher [VIDEO]

In this Technique Geek clinical video, Harry J. Bosworth Company offers a video how-to demonstrating how the ProphyBrite™ Air Polisher works and performs a cleaning procedure.